Australian Payments Plus, combining BPAY Group, eftpos and NPP Australia

The consolidation of Australia’s domestic payment organisations was authorised by the ACCC on 9 September 2021, subject to undertakings.

Australia’s domestic payments organisation

Australian Payments Plus brings together Australia’s three domestic payment organisations into one integrated entity. Operating in the public interest, Australian Payments Plus focuses on meeting the needs of all payment users and representing the views of a diverse range of stakeholders.

BPAY Group, eftpos and NPP Australia continue to operate as separate businesses with distinct brands under a single Board, with continued oversight by the RBA Payment Systems Board.    

Amalgamating Australia’s three domestic payment companies is intended to create a more efficient and agile payments group, delivering significant benefits to Australian consumers and businesses:

The undertakings accepted by the ACCC include commitments by Australian Payments Plus to develop and make available a set of specific payments innovations (referred to as ‘prescribed services’), ensuring that eftpos will do all things in its control to make available and promote least cost routing and to maintain eftpos’ card-based issuing and acquiring infrastructure for four years.

Read more on the ACCC undertaking here

A Message from Australian Payments Plus Chair, Catherine Brenner

“This is a very exciting era in Australian payments, as we seek to create a more efficient entity that is better suited to serve the ongoing needs of Australian payments users. Australian Payments Plus will bring together three strong domestic payment companies – BPAY Group, eftpos and NPP Australia – who provide a range of payment solutions to users today. I look forward to working with the shareholders of Australian Payments Plus to further advance these payments solutions and deliver more innovative, efficient and competitive payments products to all Australians who rely upon them.”